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The Mobile Workforce Podcast

May 29, 2023

Welcome to The Mobile Workforce Podcast, where we provide insights and knowledge into the world of remote work and business process optimization. In this episode, we have Josh Mullins, the managing director and founder of Automized. He shares his expertise on how companies can find business tools to optimize their processes and accomplish their goals more efficiently. Discover the biggest opportunities for optimization and how to drive adoption of new technologies through change management. Learn about common processes companies do backwards, the importance of integration and interoperability, and how companies can support new technologies to be the winners. With Josh's focus on trade-based industries, he shares how his company helps owners build sustainable and resilient businesses. Don't miss out on this valuable information and insights. 


Key Takeaways:


- Business process optimization

- Repetitive processes are opportunities

- Subjectivity in process optimization

- Integration and interoperability

- Preparing for new technologies

- Cost benefit analysis and ROI

- Low code app builders for paper processes

- Tooling for smaller companies

- Trade based industry focus

- Improved growth after assistance